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The Twenty One PL Principles

1. Life is art
2. Man's life is a succession of self-expressions
3. Man is a manifestation of God
4. Man suffers if he fails to express himself
5. Man's true self is lost when swayed by feelings and emotions
6. Man's true self is revealed when his ego is effaced
7. All things exist in mutual relationship to one another
8. Live radiantly as the sun
9. All men are equal
10. Strive for creating mutual happiness
11. Have true faith in God
12. There is a way (function) peculiar to every "name" (existence)
13. There is a way for men, and there is another for women
14. All is for world peace
15. All is a mirror
16. All things progress and develop
17. Comprehend what is most essential
18. At every moment man stands at the crossroads of good and evil
19. Act when your intuition dictates
20. Live in a perfect unity of mind and matter
21. Live in Perfect Liberty

Do you know what these rules are? They are the 21 Precepts announced by Tokuchika Miki on September 29, 1947 whitch became the basic teachings of the Church of Perfect Liberty or PL Kyodan.