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Portugal e India cooperam em futebol

India and Portugal have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of football.

“It helps us come closer to international footballing ties,” said Dr Pedro Cabral Adao, Consul of Portugal, Goa.

The scientific project is expected to give a whole new dimension to football training in India.

Thirty Indian coaches, including 20 from Goa, would benefit from the six-day training. The coaches would specifically learn educational and scientific strategies to train young players.

“We are training at omega, but we need to start from alpha - the basics. So this programme will start from the basic and take the training to new heights,” said Noel Lima Leitao, sports commentator.

The fact that six out of the 12 teams at the National Football League are from Goa just shows how strong a base football has in this area. Now with technical expertise available from the land of Eusebio and Figo, things can only get better.




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