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On this day in History - Sep. 30

0420 - Saint Jerome dies. translator of the Vulgate Bible
0653 - Saint Honorius dies. Archbishop of Canterbury
1207 - Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi was born (d. 1273). Persian mystic and poet.
1227 - Pope Nicholas IV was born (d. 1292)
1399 - Henry IV is proclaimed King of England.
1452 - First printed book, the Johann Gutenberg Bible.
1530 - Geronimo Mercuriali was born (d. 1606). Italian philologist and physician.
1551 - Ouchi Yoshitaka dies (b. 1507). Japanese warlord.
1560 - Melchior Cano dies (b. 1525). Spanish theologian.
1572 - St. Francis Borgia dies (b. 1510). Jesuit priest.
1581 - Hubert Languet dies (b. 1518). French diplomat and reformer.
1626 - Nurhaci dies (b. 1559). Manchurian chief.
1628 - Fulke Greville, 1st Baron Brooke dies (b. 1554). English poet.
1631 - William Stoughton was born (d. 1701). American judge at the Salem witch trials.
1700 - Stanisław Konarski was born (d. 1773). Polish writer.
1732 - Jacques Necker was born (d. 1804). French diplomat, finance minister of Louis XVI
1743 - Nascimento de Jeronimo Francisco de Lima. Compositor português.
1770 - Thomas Robinson, 1st Baron Grantham dies. English politician and diplomat.
1772 - James Brindley dies (b. 1716). English pioneer canal builder, who constructed the first English canal of major economic importance.
1791 - Estreia da ópera A Flauta Mágica de Mozart, em Viena.
1800 - Decimus Burton was born (d. 1881). English architect.
1846 - Wilhelm Adolf Becker dies (b. 1796). German classical archaeologist, remembered for his works on the everyday life of the ancient Romans and Greeks
1867 - The United States takes control of Midway Island.
1870 - Jean Baptiste Perrin was born (d. 1942). French physicist, Nobel Prize laureate.
1882 - Hans Geiger was born (d. 1945). German physicist
1882 - The world's first hydroelectric power plant (later known as Appleton Edison Light Company) began operation on the Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States.
1888 - Jack the Ripper kills his third and fourth victims, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes.
1895 - Madagascar becomes a French protectorate.
1895 - Lewis Milestone was born (d. 1980). Russian-born film director.
1898 - Renée Adorée was born (d. 1933). French actress.
1898 - Princess Charlotte of Monaco was born (d. 1977)
1902 - The "making of cellulose esters" was jointly patented by William H. Walker, Arthur D. Little and Harry S. Mork of Massachusetts. A month later, on 28 Oct 1902, they also patented artificial silk. Viscose was an early name for the product. The term rayon was adopted by the textile industry in 1924 to replace "artificial silk" and similar names.
1904 - Waldo Williams was born (d. 1971). Welsh poet.
1905 - Nevill Francis Mott was born (d. 1996). English physicist, Nobel Prize laureate.
1908 - David Oistrakh was born (d. 1974). Ukrainian violinist.
1912 - Kenny Baker was born (d. 1985). American singer and actor.
1913 - Bill Walsh was born (d. 1975). American film producer and writer.
1913 - Rudolf Diesel dies (b. 1858). German inventor.
1915 - Lester Maddox was born (d. 2003). Governor of Georgia.
1916 - Morreu, na Figueira da Foz, António Ramalho (n. 1858). Pintor português pertenceu à geração naturalista e distinguiu-se essencialmente como retratista.
1917 - Park Chunghee was born (d. 1979). President of South Korea.
1917 - Buddy Rich was born (d. 1987).American drummer.
1921 - Deborah Kerr was born. Scottish actress ( The King and I, From Here to Eternity, A Woman of Substance, The Night of the Iguana, Quo Vadis, Tea and Sympathy, Separate Tables)
1924 - Truman Capote was born (d. 25 Aug 1984). American author. In Cold Blood, Other Voices, Other Rooms, Breakfast at Tiffany’s; actor: Murder by Death
1924 - Nascimento do escritor norte-americano Truman Capote (1924-1984), em Nova Orleães, no estado do Alabama. O seu nome de baptismo era Truman Streckfus Persons, tendo adoptado o apelido do padrasto. Conhecido sobretudo pelos seus livros Pequeno Almoço no Tiffany e A Sangue Frio.
1928 - Elie Wiesel was born. Romanian Holocaust survivor, author, and lecturer, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986
1931 - Angie Dickinson was born. American actress ( Police Woman, Cassie and Company, Wild Palms, Dressed to Kill, Rio Bravo, Ocean’s 11). Hollywood’s Best Legs Award [1962]
1934 - Udo Jürgens was born. Austrian singer
1935 - Johnny Mathis was born. American singer
1935 - The Hoover Dam is dedicated.
1935 - "The Adventures of Dick Tracy" is first heard on the Mutual Radio Network.
1937 - Nascia Artur Portela Filho. Jornalista e escritor português.
1938 - The League of Nations unanimously outlaws "intentional bombings of civilian populations"
1938 - Britain, France, Nazi Germany and Italy sign the Munich Agreement, allowing Germany to occupy the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.
1939 - General Władysław Sikorski becomes commander-in-chief of the Polish Government in exile.
1939 - Martha Wollstein dies (b. 21 Nov 1868). American physician and investigator in pediatric pathology.
1940 - Sir Robert Abbott Hadfield dies (b. 28 Nov 1858). British metallurgist who developed manganese steel, an alloy of exceptional durability that found uses in the construction of railroad rails and rock-crushing machinery.
1942 - Frankie Lymon was born (d. 1962). American singer.
1943 - Franz Oppenheimer dies (b. 1864). German sociologist.
1946 - Héctor Lavoe was born (d. 1993). Puerto Rican singer.
1946 - Jochen Mass was born. German F1 car driver.
1947 - Marc Bolan was born (d. 1977). English musician.
1947 - The World Series, featuring New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers, is televised for the first time.
1949 - The Berlin Airlift ends.
1953 - S.M. Stirling was born. Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author.
1953 - Victoria Tennant was born. Actress: Flowers in the Attic, L.A. Story, The Winds of War, War and Remembrance.
1953 - Lewis Fry Richardson dies (b. 11 Oct 1881). British physicist and psychologist who was the first to apply mathematical techniques to predict the weather accurately.
1954 - Barry Williams was born. American actor
1954 - Basia Trzetrzelewska was born. Polish-born singer and songwriter.
1954 - The submarine USS Nautilus is commissioned as the first nuclear reactor powered vessel.
1955 - James Dean dies from injuries suffered in a car crash (b. 1931). American actor (Giant, East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause).
1957 - Fran Drescher was born. American actress.
1959 - Ross Granville Harrison dies (b. 13 Jan 1870). American zoologist who developed the first successful animal-tissue cultures and pioneered organ transplantation techniques.
1960 - The last episode of "The Howdy Doody Show" airs on NBC.
1961- Mayor Snyder of Oregon writes a check for $1.96 to cover the cost of the tea lost in the Boston Tea Party.
1961 - Eric Stoltz was born. American actor ( Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mask, Some Kind of Wonderful, Our Town, Three Sisters, Two Shakespearean Actors, The Importance of Being Ernest, The Glass Menagerie, Pulp Fiction, Once and Again)
1962 - César Chávez founds the United Farm Workers.
1962 - James Meredith enters the University of Mississippi, defying segregation.
1964 - Trey Anastasio was born. American musician (Phish)
1964 - Monica Bellucci was born. Italian actress
1965 - Civil unrest follows a failed coup attempt by Indonesia Communist Party (PKI). More than a million people died.
1966 - The British protectorate of Bechuanaland declares its independence, and becomes the Republic of Botswana.
1967 - BBC Radio 1 is launched; the BBC's other national radio stations also adopt numeric names.
1969 - Sir Frederic C. Bartlett dies (b. 20 Oct 1886). British psychologist best known for his studies of memory. Britain's most outstanding psychologist between the World Wars
1971 - Jenna Elfman wasd born. American actress
1972 - Ari Behn was born. Norwegian author
1974 - Portugal: Tomada de posse do 3.º Governo Provisório, chefiado por Vasco Gonçalves.
1974 - Renúncia do presidente António de Spínola (Portugal)
1975 - The Hughes (later McDonnell-Douglas, now Boeing) AH-64 Apache made its first flight.
1976 - Mary Ford dies (b. 1928). American singer.
1980 - Ethernet specifications published by Xerox working with Intel and Digital Equipment Corporation.
1980 - Martina Hingis was born. Swiss tennis player
1982 - Lacey Chabert was born. American actress
1982 - Kieran Culkin was born. American actor
1982 - Cyanide-laced Tylenol kills six people in the Chicago area. Seven were killed in all. The incident is known as the Tylenol scare.
1982 - The TV sitcom Cheers premieres.
1985 - Simone Signoret dies (b. 1921). French actress.
1985 - Dr. Charles Francis Richter dies (b. 26 Apr 1900). Seismologist and inventor of the Richter Scale that measures earthquake intensity which he developed with his colleague, Beno Gutenberg, in the early 1930's.
1989 - Foreign Minister of West Germany Hans-Dietrich Genscher's speech from the balcony of the German embassy in Prague.
1989 - Virgil Thomson dies. American composer.
1990 - Tobi Atkins was born. Australian actor.
1990 - Morte de Patrick White. Escritor australiano - Prémio Nobel em 1973
1991 - President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti is forced from office.
1997 - Origin Systems Inc. releases Ultima Online, the first true massively multiplayer game, opening the door for a new video gaming genre.
1998 - Dan Quisenberry dies (b. 1953). Baseball player.
1998 - Termina a Expo-98, em Lisboa.
1999 - German novelist Guenter Grass won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences credited Grass’ first novel, The Tin Drum, with restoring honor to German literature “after decades of linguistic and moral destruction.”
1999 - Japan's worst nuclear accident at a uranium reprocessing facility in Tokai-mura, northeast of Tokyo. Workers overload a container with uranium, exposing workers and local residents to very high radiation levels.
2002 - Início da demolição do estádio de Wembley (Londres - Inglaterra)
2002 - Hans-Peter Tschudi dies (b. 1913). Swiss Federal Councilor.
2004 - A Rússia aprova adesão ao Protocolo de Kyoto
Independence Day in Botswana (1966)


Cataclismo português na Jornada Uefeira

Benfica e Porto perdem na Champions League. Sporting, Braga e V. Setúbal eliminados na Uefa.Só o V. Guimarães se salvou...

Incrível. Depois de na 1ª. Jornada as equipas portuguesas (com excepção do FC Porto que perdera) terem tido uma "performance" digna de registo, nada fazia prever este cataclismo que se abateu em termos futebolísticos (também tu ó futebol!) sobre Portugal.

O Benfica na 3ª. feira perdera em Manchester, resultado que se teoricamente normal, soube a pouco face ao comportamento benfiquista e ao sabor amargo da derrota a seis minutos do fim do jogo.

No dia seguinte o inacreditável aconteceu. Em dia de aniversário o Porto que chegou a 2-0, perdeu o jogo frente a uma desconhecida e modesta ( a verdade tem de ser dita) equipa eslovaca por 2-3.

Hoje a confirmação do cataclismo. O Sporting que ganhara na Suécia por 2-1 viu-se cedo a perder por 0-1 mas chegou ao empate ainda na 1ª. parte. No último minuto do jogo viu a eliminatória empatada com a marcação do 2º. golo sueco, que levou a decisão para o prolongamento. O Sporting voltou a empatar (e a comandar a eliminatória) mas como na Uefa não há "golo de ouro" o jogo continuou até se jogarem os 30' do prolongamento. Não foi preciso tanto para se saber que o Sporting também iria ser eliminado, porque a sete minutos do final os suecos do Halmstad voltaram a marcar por Ingelsten . 2-3 foi o resultado final e assim a modesta equipa sueca parece predestinada para ganhar em Lisboa (há anos eliminou o Benfica de Mourinho!).

Antes do Sporting já se soubera da eliminação do Braga e do V. de Setúnbal. O Braga que não sofrera qualquer golo nos seis jogos oficiais já disputados nesta época, começou o jogo com o Estrela Vermelha de Belgrado praticamente a perder. Atacou muito teve períodos de grande pressão sobre o adversário com o guarda-redes a ser a "estrela da companhia" mas o golo do empate que daria ainda esperanças de reviravolta surgiu quase no fim do jogo não dando tempo para a recuperação.

O Vitória de Setúbal ( a equipa que estava em pior colocação depois da 1ª. mão 1-1 em Setúbal) também começou mal o jogo pois bastaram 9 minutos para a Sampdoria ganhar vantagem. Todavia um golo do Vitória igualaria a eliminatória e até houve oportunidades suficientes para isso (designadamente uma bola no poste da baliza italiana) mas o resultado não sofreu alteração até final.

Curiosamente, só o Vitória de Guimarães - que na Liga nacional está mal classificada- foi a equipa que tendo a segurança dos três golos de vantagem da 1ª. volta se apresentou com confiança gerindo o resultado e o tempo. Com 0-0 ao intervalo a eliminatória estava garantida e o Vitória fazendo jus ao nome até viria a ganhar de novo o jogo com um golo de Saganowski aos 82'.

Jornada negra para Portugal na Europa do futebol que nem a vitória dos Sub-19 no jogo de selecções contra o Luxemburgo por 3-0, para o Campeonato da Europa da categoria constitui lenitivo.



Menina e moça - Machado de Assis

Está naquela idade inquieta e duvidosa,
Que não é dia claro e é já o alvorecer;
Entreaberto botão, entrefechada rosa,
Um pouco de menina e um pouco de mulher.

Às vezes recatada, outras estouvadinha,
Casa no mesmo gesto a loucura e o pudor;
Tem cousas de criança e modos de mocinha,
Estuda o catecismo e lê versos de amor.

Outras vezes valsando, o seio lhe palpita,
De cansaço talvez, talvez de comoção.
Quando a boca vermelha os lábios abre e agita,
Não sei se pede um beijo ou faz uma oração.

Outras vezes beijando a boneca enfeitada,
Olha furtivamente o primo que sorri;
E se corre parece, à brisa enamorada,
Abrir as asas de um anjo e tranças de uma huri.

Quando a sala atravessa, é raro que não lance
Os olhos para o espelho; e raro que ao deitar
Não leia, um quarto de hora, as folhas de um romance
Em que a dama conjugue o eterno verbo amar.

Tem na alcova em que dorme, e descansa de dia,
A cama da boneca ao pé do toucador;
Quando sonha, repete, em santa companhia,
Os livros do colégio e o nome de um doutor.

Alegra-se em ouvindo os compassos da orquestra;
E quando entra num baile, é já dama do tom;
Compensa-lhe a modista os enfados da mestra;
Tem respeito a Geslin, mas adora a Dazon.

Dos cuidados da vida o mais tristonho e acerbo
Para ela é o estudo, excetuando-se talvez
A lição de sintaxe em que combina o verbo
To love, mas sorrindo ao professor de inglês.

Quantas vezes, porém, fitando o olhar no espaço,
Parece acompanhar uma etérea visão;
Quantas cruzando ao seio o delicado braço
Comprime as pulsações do inquieto coração!

Ah! se nesse momento, alucinado, fores
Cair-lhe aos pés, confiar-lhe uma esperança vã,
Hás de vê-la zombar de teus tristes amores,
Rir da tua aventura e contá-la à mamã.

É que esta criatura, adorável, divina,
Nem se pode explicar, nem se pode entender:
Procura-se a mulher e encontra-se a menina,
Quer-se ver a menina e encontra-se a mulher!

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis (n. Rio de Janeiro 21 Jun 1839; m. Rio de Janeiro, 29 Set 1908)


On this day in History - Sep. 29

106 BC - Pompey was born (d. 48 BC). Roman statesman and general.
61 BC - Pompey the Great celebrates his third triumph, for victories over the pirates and the end of the Mithridatic Wars on his 45th birthday.
48 BC - Ptolemy XIII of Egypt had Pompey murdered and his head cut off on his 58th birthday. Pompey's head and ring were kept for Julius Caesar.
48 BC - Pompey, the Great dies assassinated (b. 106 BC). Roman general.
0855 - Pope Benedict III becomes Pope.
1227 - O Papa Gregório IX excomunga Frederico II.
1328 - Joan of Kent was born (d. 1385)
1364 - Battle of Auray: English forces defeat French at Brittany; end of the Breton War of Succession
1364 - Charles, Duke of Brittany dies.
1402 - Nasce Fernando de Portugal, o Infante Santo († 1443)
1511 - Michael Servetus was born († 1553). Spanish humanist.
1547 - Miguel de Cervantes was born († 1616). Spanish author.
1548 - William V, Duke of Bavaria was born (d. 1626)
1560 - King Gustav I of Sweden dies (b. 1496)
1561 - Adriaan van Roomen was born (d. 1615). Flemish mathematician.
1567 - At a dinner, the Duke of Alva arrests the Count of Egmont and the Count of Horne for treason.
1636 - Thomas Tenison was born (d. 1715). Archbishop of Canterbury
1637- Lorenzo Ruiz dies. Filipino saint
1639 - Lord William Russell was born (d. 1683). English politician.
1640 - Antoine Coysevox was born (d. 1720). French sculptor.
1678 - Adrien-Maurice, 3rd duc de Noailles was born (d. 1766). French soldier.
1691 - Richard Challoner was born (d. 1781). English Catholic prelate.
1703 - Charles de Saint-Évremond dies (b. 1610). French soldier.
1725 - Robert Clive was born (d. 1774). British general and statesman.
1758 - Horatio Nelson was born (d. 1805). British admiral.
1786 - Guadalupe Victoria was born (d. 1843). First president of Mexico.
1789 - The U.S. War Department first establishes regular army with a strength of several hundred men.
1789 - The first U.S. Congress adjourns.
1801 - Tratado de paz entre Portugal e a República francesa, assinado em Madrid, em consequência da «Guerra das Laranjas», pelo qual Portugal se obriga a fechar os portos aos britânicos.
1804 - Michael Hillegas dies (b. 1728). First Treasurer of the United States.
1810 - Elizabeth Gaskell was born (d. 1865). British novelist.
1829 - London's reorganized police force goes on duty, later to become known as Scotland Yard.
1833 - Fernando VII of Spain dies.
1844 - Miguel Juárez Celman was born. Argentine politician.
1849 - Dom Francisco do Rego Maia was born († 1928). Brazilian bishop.
1864 - American Civil War: The Battle of Chaffin's Farm is fought.
1864 - Miguel de Unamuno was born (d. 1936). Spanish writer and philosopher.
1881 - Ludwig von Mises was born († 1973). Austrian economist.
1895 - J.B. Rhine was born (d. 1980). American parapsychologist.
1901 - Enrico Fermi was born (d. 1954). Italian physicist, Nobel Prize in Phisics laureate, in 1938.
1901 - Lanza del Vasto was born (d. 1981). Italian philosopher, poet, and activist.
1902 - Miguel Alemán Valdés was born. President of Mexico.
1902 - Impresario David Belasco's first Broadway theater opens.
1902 - William Topaz McGonagall dies (b. 1825). Scots/Irish poet.
1902 - Émile Zola dies (b. 3 Apr 1840). French writer.
1904 - Greer Garson was born (d. 1996). British actress.
1907 - Gene Autry was born (d. 1998). American actor, singer, and businessman.
1907 - The cornerstone is laid at Washington National Cathedral in the U.S. capital.
1908 - Eddie Tolan was born (d. 1967). American athlete.
1908 - Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis dies (b. 21 Jun 1839). Brazilian writer.
1912 - Michelangelo Antonioni was born. Italian film director
1913 - Trevor Howard was born (d. 1988). English actor.
1913 - Stanley Kramer was born (d. 2001). American film director.
1916 - Antonio Buero Vallejo was born. Spanish dramatist.
1918 - The Hindenburg Line is broken by Allied forces during World War I.
1925 - Léon Bourgeois dies. French politician. Nobel Prize for Peace laureate in 1920.
1927 - Willem Einthoven dies (b. 1860). Dutch physician, Nobel laureate.
1927 - Nascia Adhemar Ferreira da Silva († 2001). Bicampeão olímpico brasileiro no triplo salto
1931 - James Watson Cronin was born. American nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize laureate in 1980.
1931 - Anita Ekberg was born. Swedish actress.
1933 - Samora Machel was († 1986) . First President of Mozambique
1935 - Jerry Lee Lewis was born. American musician
1936 - Silvio Berlusconi was born. Prime Minister of Italy
1937 - Ray Ewry dies (b. 1873). American athlete.
1938 - Wim Kok was born. Prime Minister of the Netherlands
1939 - Larry Linville was born (d. 2000). American actor.
1939 - Poland is divided between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
1941 - The Babi Yar massacre begins. / 33.771 Judeus são mortos durante o massacre de Babi Yar, perto de Kiev, na Ucrânia, no começo da invasão alemã da União Soviética.
1942 - Madeline Kahn was born (d. 1999). American actress.
1942 - Bill Nelson was born. U.S. Senator from Florida
1942 - Jean-Luc Ponty was born. French jazz violinist
1943 - Lech Wałęsa was born. Polish trade union activist and politician
1943 - U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marshal Pietro Badoglio sign an armistice aboard the British ship Nelson off the shore of Malta.
1948 - Bryant Gumbel was born. American television personality
1951 - Andrés Caicedo was born (d. 1977). Colombian writer.
1951 - Maureen Caird was born. Australian hurdler
1952 - Max Sandlin was born. American politician.
1952 - Morre Francisco Alves (n. 1898). Cantor brasileiro conhecido como "O Rei da Voz".
1954 - The convention establishing CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is signed.
1955 - Nasce, em Repeses, concelho de Viseu, Francisco José Ferreira Rebelo Fernandes. Economiste e fiscalista português.
1956 - Sebastian Coe was born. British athlete
1957 - Andrew Dice Clay was born. American comedian and actor
1960 - Jennifer Rush was born. American singer
1961- Rebecca DeMornay was born. American actress
1961 - The New York Times publishes music critic Robert Sheldon's review of a performance from little known singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, which will lead to Dylan's discovery by Columbia Records representative John Hammond
1962 - Alouette 1, the first Canadian satellite is launched.
1963 - The second period of the Second Vatican Council opens.
1963 - Dave Andreychuk was born. Canadian hockey player
1964 - Les Claypool was born. American bassist (Primus)
1964 - Tom Sizemore was born. American actor
1964 - Argentine cartoonist Quino publishes his first Mafalda comic strip.
1965 - Rino Levi dies (b. 1901). Brazilian architect.
1966 - Jill Whelan was born. American actress.
1967 - Carson McCullers dies (b. 1917). American author.
1970 - Edward Everett Horton dies (b. 1886). American actor.
1970 - Emily Lloyd was born. British actress
1972 - Sino-Japanese relations: Japan establishes diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China after breaking official ties with the Republic of China.
1973 - W. H. Auden dies (b. 1907). English poet.
1975 - Casey Stengel dies. Baseball player and manager
1976 - Andriy Shevchenko was born. Ukrainian footballer.
1977 - União Soviética lança estação espacial Salyut 6
1978 - Kurt Nilsen was born. Norwegian singer
1981 - Siarhei Rutenka was born. Belarusian handball player
1982 - Ariana Jollee was born. American actress and director.
1982 - Monty Stratton dies (b. 1912). Baseball player.
1988 - Charles Addams dies (b. 1912). American cartoonist.
1988 - Forças de Paz das Nações Unidas recebem Prémio Nobel da Paz
1988 - NASA resumes space shuttle flights, grounded after the Challenger disaster.
1992 - Brazilian President Fernando Collor de Mello resigns.
1992 - Lançamanto do álbum Dirt da banda norte-americana Alice in Chains
1992 - Primeiras eleições em Angola cujos resultados não são aceites pela UNITA.
1994 - Cheb Hasni dies (b. 1968). Algerian singer.
1996 - Super Mario 64, a revolutionary platformer game for the Nintendo 64, is released in the United States.
1997 - Roy Lichtenstein dies (b. 1923). American artist.
1998 - Tom Bradley dies (b. 1917). Mayor of Los Angeles, California.
1998 - Morre Jacyra Sampaio (n. 1922). Brazilian actress.
2001 - Nguyen Van Thieu dies (b. 1923). President of South Vietnam.
2001 - The Syracuse Herald-Journal, a U.S. newspaper dating back to 1839, ceases publication.
2004 - The asteroid 4179 Toutatis passes within four lunar distances of Earth.
2004 - The Burt Rutan Ansari X Prize entry SpaceShipOne performed a successful spaceflight, thereby halfway to winning the prize.
2004 - Baseball: The Montreal Expos play their last game at Olympic Stadium.
RC Saints - Michaelmas - Christian feast of the Archangels St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael
England, Ireland - One of the four Quarter days in the Irish calendar
Botswana: Independency Day



Champions League - Groups E-H - 2nd Matchday

Group E
Schalke 2-2 Milan
Fenerbahçe 3-0 PSV

Group F
Rosenborg 0-1 Lyon
Real Madrid 2-1 Olympiacos

Group G
Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea
Anderlecht 0-1 Betis

Group H
Internazionale 1-0 Rangers
Porto 2-3 Artmedia


Champions League - Big surprise in Oporto

Image Hosted by

FC Porto 2 - 3 FC Artmedia

Em dia de aniversário os portistas vivem um pesadelo

Os portistas começaram o jogo com demasiada tranquilidade permitindo algum atrevimento dos eslovacos, mas o aumento do ritmo a partir dos vinte minutos permitiu aos portistas a construção de jogadas sucessivas de perigo e o golo aguardava-se a todo o momento. Depois de uma defesa com os pés de Cobej, na segunda vaga Quaresma centra da esquerda e no meio dos centrais Lucho Gonzalez inaugura o marcador de cabeça. A vantagem adquirida tranquilizava os adeptos (e os jogadores) e a superioridade do Porto era ostensiva, apesar de algumas jogadas pela direita do Artmedia aproveitando o flanco de César Peixoto ou avançado ou desacompanhado nas tarefas defensivas.

Em contra-ataque (!) uma reposição de bola num lançamento de bola lateral permitiu a Diego uma boa incursão individual, finalizada com um remate à entrada da área sem defesa. Era o 2-0 e logo a seguir o mesmo Diego obriga o g. redes do Artmedia a uma defesa que evitou o 3-0. A questão era saber por quantos ficava a factura final.

Já depois dos 45' numa jogada desta vez pela esquerda Petras entra na área dribla e remata rasteiro junto ao poste mais perto batendo V. Baía, fazendo com que os jogadores fossem para os balneários com um resultado tangencial.

Na 2ª. parte os eslovacos já com uma substituição aparecem a equilibrar mais o jogo. Aos 60' abrem uma diagonal larga da direita para a esquerda e Kozák isola-se, finta Baía e faz o 2-2 aos 54'. Era a surpresa no Estádio do Dragão, mas faltava ainda muito tempo ... e toda a gente acreditava ainda na vitória dos locais. Um livre favorável para o Porto a defesa eslovaca falha a tentativa do fora-de-jogo e três (não um, nem dois, mas três!!!) portistas isolados. McCarthy ganancioso remata forte mas contra o corpo do guarda-redes, quando um toque para o meio para um dos colegas daria certamente o golo. Porém, o futebol faz-se de ataque e de defesa. Aos méritos do meio-campo ofensivo e caudal de ataque do Porto contrapõe-se a pouca solidez defensiva. Uma falta escusada junto à linha-lateral defensiva dá livre para o Artmedia. Cruzamento para a pequena área e finalização com o pé (!) na pequena-área e a surpresa aumenta. O 2-3 estava estabelecido.

O Porto entra em "pressão psicológica" os eslovacos não se coibem de fazer faltas - os amarelos passaram a sair em catadupa - Co Adriaanse mete mais avançados (mas saiu Diego, o organizador do jogo) e os eslovacos quase sem saber ler nem escrever fizeram o festival no fim, enquanto no lado dos aniversariantes revivia-se o pesadelo de há anos chamado Wrexham.

Agora atente-se nas estatísticas: 13 cantos favoráveis ao Porto contra 1; 28 remates contra 4; 65% contra 35% de tempo de posse de bola; 2 contra 5 amarelos ! ... Mas nos golos ?

Do árbitro não há muito a dizer mas perdoou o 2º. amarelo e consequente expulsão a Petras, por volta dos 70'. Boa actuação dos juizes auxiliares nas jogadas de fora de jogo.

Estádio: Estádio do Dragão Espect.: 38702
Árbitros: Massimo Busacca, Aux - , 4º

FC PORTO - Vítor Baía; Bosingwa, Bruno Alves, Ricardo Costa (Alan 75') e César Peixoto; Diego (Hugo Almeida 75'), Ibson, Lucho; Quaresma, McCarthy e Jorginho.

ARTMEDIA - Cobej; Burak (Halenár 45'), sai Burak (Artmedia)., Borbely, Durica e Urbanek; Vascak, Debnar, Kozak e Fodrek; Petras (Stanos 78'); Hartig (Obzera 83').

Golos: 1-0 Lucho Gonzales (31'); 2-0 Diego (38'); 2-1 Petras (45'); 2-2 Kozak (54'); 2-3 Borbely (73')

Cartão Amarelo para Petras (55'), Fodrek (59'), Ricardo Quaresma (77'), Stano (85'), Obzera (89') Halenár (90') e Bosingwa aos 91'.


Portugal é o 22º país mais competitivo do Mundo

Afinal nem tudo vai mal. World Economic Forum no seu "Global Competitiveness Report 2005-2006" coloca Portugal como sendo o 22º. país mais competitivo do Mundo, melhorando duas posições relativamente ao ano passado. Os países nórdicos (com a Finlândia a comandar, Suécia em 3º. Dinamarca em 4º , Islândia 7º e Noruega em 9º) e os países asiáticos tecnologicamente avançados (Taiwan em 5º, Singapura em 6º) assumem lugares de destaque. Os Estados Unidos figuram, em 2º. lugar, aparecendo ainda no Top Ten a Suiça em 8º e a Áustrália em 10º.

No contexto da UE Portugal é o 10º da Europa a 25º, surpreendendo a posição portuguesa à frente da Espanha , França e Bélgica 29º, 30º e 31º classificados.

Siga o link do título para ver a tabela completa.


On this day in History - Sep 28

48 BC - Pompey the Great is assassinated on orders of King Ptolemy of Egypt after landing in Egypt. May have occurred September 29, records unclear.
48 BC - Pompey dies (b. 106 BC). Roman general and politician.
0235 - Saint Pontianus dies. 18th Pope.
0876 - Louis the German dies (b. 0804). King of Eastern Francia.
0935 - Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia dies (b. 0907)
0935 - Saint Wenceslas murdered by its brother, Boleslaus I the Cruel
0995 - Members of Slavník's dynasty - Spytimír, Pobraslav, Pořej and Čáslav are murdered by Boleslaus's son, Boleslaus II the Pious
1066 - William the Conqueror invades England: Norman Conquest begins.
1106 - The Battle of Tinchebrai - Henry I of England defeats his brother, Robert Curthose
1104 - Pedro I dies (b. 1068). King of Aragon and Navarre.
1197 - Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor dies (b. 1165)
1322 - Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor defeats Frederick I of Austria in the Battle of Mühldorf
1394 - Eleição do Antipapa Bento XIII
1429 - Cymburgis of Masovia dies. Wife of Duke Ernest the Iron of Inner Austria
1448 - Christian I crowned king of Denmark
1507 - Afonso de Albuquerque conquista Ormuz.
1530 - Andrea del Sarto dies. Italian painter.
1542 - Navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo of Portugal arrives as what is now San Diego
1573 - Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was born (d. 1610). Italian artist.
1582 - George Buchanan dies (b. 1506). Scottish historian.
1605 - Ismael Bullialdus was born (d. 1694). French astronomer.
1618 - Joshua Sylvester dies (b. 1563). English poet.
1667 - Asano Naganori was born (d. 1701). Japanese warlord.
1681 - Johann Mattheson was born (d. 1764). German composer.
1687 - Francis Turretin dies (b. 1623). Swiss theologian.
1702 - Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland dies (b. 1640). English statesman.
1705 - Henry Fox, 1st Baron Holland was born (d. 1774). English statesman.
1708 - Peter the Great defeats the Swedes at the Battle of Lesnaya
1742 - Jean Baptiste Massillon dies (b. 1663). French churchman.
1746 - Sir William Jones was born (d. 1794). English philologist.
1779- Samuel Huntington is elected President of the Continental Congress, succeeding John Jay
1781 - American forces backed by a French fleet begin the siege of Yorktown Heights, Virginia during the American Revolutionary War.
1787 - The just completed United States Constitution is voted on by the U.S. Congress to be sent to the State legislatures for approval.
1803 - Prosper Mérimée was born (d. 1870). French author.
1820 - The tomato is publicly proven safe when Robert Johnson eats a bushel (24 kg) of tomatoes in Salem, Massachusetts
1821 - Mexico signs its final Declaration of Independence.
1823 - Leo XII is elected as pope
1823 - Alexandre Cabanel was born (d. 1889). French painter.
1824 - Francis Turner Palgrave was born (d. 1897). British critic and poet.
1841 - Georges Clemenceau was born (d. 1929). French politician.
1844 - Oscar I of Sweden-Norway is crowned king of Sweden
1852 - Henri Moissan was born (d. 1907). French chemist, Nobel Prize laureate.
1856 - Kate Douglas Wiggin was born (d. 1923). American children's author
1859 - Carl Ritter dies (b. 1779). German geographer
1863 - Carlos I was born († 1908). King of Portugal.
1865 - D. Amélia was born. Queen of Portugal (1889 - 1908).
1867 - Toronto, Ontario becomes the capital of Ontario
1868 - Battle of Alcolea, causes Queen Isabella II of Spain to flee to France
1871 - Brazil passes law freeing future children of slaves.
1887 - Avery Brundage was born (d. 1975). American athlete and sports official.
1891 - Myrtle Gonzalez was born (d. 1918). American actress.
1891 - Herman Melville dies (b. 1819). American novelist.
1893 - É fundado o Futebol Clube do Porto
1895 - Louis Pasteur dies (b. 1822). French scientist.
1901 - Ed Sullivan was born (d. 1974). American television show host.
1901 - William S. Paley was born (d. 1990). Television pioneer.
1905 - A Teoria da Relatividade de Einstein é publicada no Annalen der Physik.
1905 - Max Schmeling was born (d. 2005). German boxer.
1909 - Al Capp was born (d. 1979). American cartoonist.
1915 - Ethel Rosenberg was born (d. 1953). American spy.
1916 - Peter Finch was born (d. 1977). English-born actor.
1918 - Georg Simmel dies (b. 1858). German sociologist and philosopher.
1918 - Freddie Stowers dies (b. 1896). American soldier.
1923 - William Windom was born. American actor
1924 - Marcello Mastroianni was born (d. 1996). Italian actor.
1925 - Seymour Cray was born (d. 1996). American computer scientist.
1925 - Arnold Stang was born (d. 1996). American actor
1926 - Jerry Clower was born (d. 1998). American comedian.
1927 - Willem Einthoven dies (b. 1860). Dutch physician, Nobel laureate.
1928 - UK passed Dangerous Drugs Act
1929 - Lata Mangeshkar was born. Indian playback singer
1934 - Brigitte Bardot was born. French actress
1934 - Janet Munro was born (d. 1972). British actress.
1934 - Brigitte Bardot was born. French actress.
1935 - W.K. Dickson dies (b. 1860). Scottish inventor.
1937 - Alice Mahon was born. English politician and trade unionist.
1937 - Rod Roddy was born (d. 2003). American television announcer.
1938 - Ben E. King was born. American singer and songwriter
1939 - Stuart Kauffman was born. American biologist
1939 - Germany and the Soviet Union agree on a division of Poland after their invasion during World War II.
1939 - Warsaw surrenders to Nazi Germany during World War II.
1941 - Edmund Stoiber was born. German politician.
1941 - Edmund Stoiber was born. German politician.
1942 - Tim Maia was born († 1998). Brazilian singer.
1943 - Joel Higgins was born. American actor
1943 - J. T. Walsh was born (d. 1998). American actor.
1944 - Battle of Arnhem - Germans defeat British airborne at Arnhem, Netherlands.
1947 - Sheikh Hasina was born. Former Prime Minister of Bangladesh
1947 - Jeffrey Jones was born. American actor
1950 - John Sayles was born. American director and screenwriter
1950 - Indonésia é admitida como Estado-Membro da ONU
1952 - Sylvia Kristel was born. Dutch actress
1953 - Edwin Hubble dies (b. 1889). American astronomer.
1954 - Steve Largent was born. American football player and congressman
1956 - Roberta Miranda was born. Brazilian singer.
1958 - France ratifies a new Constitution of France; the French Fifth Republic is then formed upon the formal adoption of the new constitution on October 4. Guinea rejects the new constitution, voting for independence instead.
1960 - Mali e Senegal são admitidos como Estados-Membros da ONU
1961 - A military coup in Damascus, Syria effectively ends the United Arab Republic, the union between Egypt and Syria
1962 - Grant Fuhr was born. Canadian hockey player
1962 - Morre Bernardo Loureiro Marques, desenhador e pintor português.
1964 - Harpo Marx dies (b. 1888). American comedian and actor.
1964 - Janeane Garofalo was born. American actress and comedian
1966 - André Breton dies (1896). French poet.
1966 - Eric Fleming dies drowned (b. 1925). American actor
1967 - Mira Sorvino was born. American actress
1967 - Moon Unit Zappa was born. American singer and actress
1968 - Mika Häkkinen swas born. Finnish race car driver
1968 - Naomi Watts was born. English-born actress
1970 - Isabelle Brasseur was born. Canadian figure skater
1970 - John Dos Passos dies (b. 1896). American novelist.
1970 - Gamal Abdal Nasser dies (d. 1918). First President of Egypt.
1971 - UK Misuse of Drugs Act - medicinal cannabis banned.
1972 - Paul Henderson scores The Goal to win the Canada/USSR (ice hockey) "Summit Series"
1972 - Gwyneth Paltrow was born. American actress
1973 - ITT Building in New York City bombed to protest ITT's involvement in the September 11 Coup in Chile.
1973 - Norma Crane dies (b. 1928). American actress.
1974 - Em Portugal, tentativa reaccionária contra o MFA e Governo Provisório, realizada por manifestantes que pretendem apoiar o presidente da República, o general Spínola.
1974 - Martin Müürsepp was born. Estonian basketball player
1976 - R&B singer Stevie Wonder releases the classic double album Songs in the Key of Life.
1977 - Se Ri Pak was born. Korean golfer
1978 - Pope John Paul I dies (b. 1912). 263º Pope.
1979 - John Herbert Chapman dies (b. 1921). Canadian physicist.
1979 - Felipe González é reeleito Secretário Geral do Partido Socialista Operário Espanhol e promove o abandono das idéias marxistas
1981 - Rómulo Betancourt dies (b. 1908). President of Venezuela.
1982 - Mabel Albertson dies (b. 1901). American actress.
1983 - Inaugurado o pequeno Aeródromo do Corvo (Açores)
1988 - Charles Addams dies (b. 1912). American cartoonist.
1989 - Ferdinand Marcos dies (b. 1916). President of the Philippines
1991 - Miles Davis dies (b. 1926). American jazz trumpeter.
1993 - Peter De Vries dies (b. 1910). American novelist.
1994 - José Francisco Ruiz Massieu dies assassinated (b. 1946). Mexican politician.
2000 - Pierre Elliott Trudeau dies (b. 1919). Fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada
2000 - Referendo da Dinamarca rejeita a adoção do Euro como moeda nacional
2002 - Whitney Blake dies (b. 1925). American actress.
2002 - Patsy T. Mink dies (b. 1927). American Congresswoman.
2003 - Althea Gibson dies (b. 1927). American tennis player.
2003 - Elia Kazan dies (b. 1909). Hungarian-born director.
2003 - George Odlum dies (b. 1934). St. Lucian politician.
2004 - Wayne Rooney makes his long awaited Manchester United debut, scoring a hat-trick in the 6-2 Champions League victory.
2004 - Three-time Paris Dakar Rally winner Richard Sainct struck dead in a Rallye des Pharaons tragedy.
2004 - Geoffrey Beene dies (b. 1927). American fashion designer.
St. Wenceslas Day , Czech Republic
Czech Statehood Day , Czech Republic
Teacher's Day (Confucius' birthday), Taiwan



ChampionsLeague - Group Stage - Matchday 2

Group A
Juventus 3 - 0 Rapid
Bayern 1 - 0 Club Brugge

Group B
Ajax 1 - 2 Arsenal
Thun 1 - 0 Sparta

Group C
Barcelona 4 - 1 Udinese
Panathinaikos 2 - 1 Bremen

Group D
Man. United 2 - 1 Benfica
Lille 0 - 0 Villarreal


Champions League - Benfica perde em Manchester

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Man. United 2 - 1 Benfica

Ter o pássaro na mão e largá-lo

O Benfica controlou a primeira parte em Manchester teve muito mais posse de bola controlou o jogo mas sofreu o 1-0 num livre de Giggs aos 39' com a barreira de apenas três elementos mal formada. Antes Vander Saar evitou a primeira oportunidade de golo do Benfica e Van Nistelroy atirou à barra. O resultado ao intervalo era injusto.

Na 2ª. parte o Manchester esteve melhor a jogar um futebol mais típico dos ingleses com futebol aéreo e o Benfica a sofrer dificuldades. No entanto um livre de Simão Sabrosa (sobre falta de Miccoli) empatou o jogo e o Benfica passava a ter grandes possibilidades de um resultado positivo. Os ingleses reagiram bem ao golo o Benfica recuou mas com a entrada de João Pereira para a saída de Miccoli o Benfica reequilibrou e parecia ter o empate ao seu alcance. Um passe mal feito no meio-campo acabou por dar canto para o Manchester e na sua marcação um corte defeituoso da defesa permitiu a Nistelroy à vontade fazer o golo da vitória.

Não se pode dar brindes destes e assim o Benfica que podia sair de Old Trafford no comando do grupo D viu-se ultrapassado.


On this day in History - Sep. 27

0489 - Odoacer attacks Theodoric at the Battle of Verona, and is defeated again.
1249 - Raymond VII of Toulouse dies (b. 1197)
1275 - John II of Brabant was born (d. 1312)
1389 - Cosimo de Medici was born (d. 1464). Ruler of Florence.
1514 - The Spanish crown granted explorer Juan Ponce de Leon the title Military Governor of Bimini (an island in the Bahamas) and Florida. With this title and the implied permission it contained to colonize those regions, Ponce de Leon sailed for Florida in 1521.
1540 - The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) receives its charter from Pope Paul III.
1557 - Emperor Go-Nara of Japan dies (b. 1497)
1590 - Pope Urban VII [Giambattista Castagna] dies (b. 1521). Italian Pope.
1590 - Pope Urban VII dies 13 days after being chosen as the Pope, making his reign the shortest papacy in history.
1601 - King Louis XIII of France was born († 1641)
1605 - The armies of Sweden are utterly defeated by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Battle of Kircholm
1627 - Jacques Benigne Bossuet was born ( † 1704). French bishop and author.
1643 - Solomon Stoddard was born. American minister
1651 - Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria dies (b. 1573)
1660 - Vincent de Paul dies (b. 1580). French saint.
1696 - Alphonsus Liguori was born (d. 1787). Italian founder of the Redemptionist order.
1700 - Pope Innocent XII [Antonio Pignatelli] dies. Pope (1691-1700).
1719 - George Smalridge dies (b. 1662). English Bishop of Bristol.
1719 - Abraham Gotthelf Kästner was born (d. 1800). German mathematician.
1722 - Samuel Adams was born (d. 1803). American revolutionary leader.
1730 - Laurence Eusden dies (b. 1688). English poet.
1737 - John Sidney, 6th Earl of Leicester dies (b. 1680). English privy councillor.
1742 - Hugh Boulter dies (b. 1672). Irish Archbishop of Armagh.
1779 - John Adams was named to negotiate the Revolutionary War's peace terms with Britain.
1780 - Bula de fusão entre as dioceses de Bragança e Miranda (Portugal)
1783 - Agustin I de Iturbide was born. Emperor of Mexico (1822-23).
1787 - The United States Constitution is delivered to the states for ratification.
1803 - Samuel Francis du Pont was born (d. American admiral.
1805 - George Müller was born (d. 1898). Prussian orphanage builder.
1810 - Batalha do Buçaco entre o exército aliado, formado sobretudo por contingentes britânicos e portugueses, comandado por Wellington, e o exército francês comandado
pelo marechal do Império Massena.
1818 - Adolph Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe was born (d. 1884). German chemist.
1821 - Henri Frederic Amiel was born (d. 1881). Swiss writer.
1821 - Mexico gains its independence from Spain.
1822 - Jean-François Champollion announces that he has deciphered the Rosetta stone.
1824 - William "Bull" Nelson was born (d. 1862). American Civil War general.
1825 - The Stockton and Darlington Railway opens, and begins operation of the world's first service of locomotive-hauled passenger trains.
1829 - O Monte Ararat é escalado pela primeira vez
1830 - William Babcock Hazen was born (d. 1887). American Civil War general.
1832 - Karl Christian Friedrich Krause dies (b. 1781). German philosopher.
1840 - Thomas Nast was born (d. 1902). German-born political cartoonist.
1843 - Gaston Tarry was born (d. 1913). French mathematician.
1854 - The steamship Arctic sinks with 300 people on board. This marks the first great disaster in the Atlantic Ocean.
1862 - Louis Botha was born. South- African politician.
1871 - Grazia Deledda was born (d. 1926). Italian writer, Nobel Prize laureate.
1876 - Braxton Bragg dies (b. 1817). American Confederate general.
1879 - Hans Hahn was born (d. 1934). Austrian mathematician.
1879 - Cyril Scott was born (d. 1970). English composer.
1885 - Harry Blackstone was born (d. 1965). American magician.
1885 - Nascimento de Delia del Carril Iraeta. Pintora argentina - esposa de Pablo Neruda.
1902 - Fundação do Club Atlético Tucumán - Argentina
1891 - Ivan Goncharov dies (b. 1812). Russian author.
1896 - Sam Ervin was born (d. 1985). U.S. Senator from North Carolina.
1898 - Vincent Youmans was born. American composer.
1905 - Albert Einstein publishes the paper "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?" in Annalen der Physik. This paper revealed the relationship between energy and mass.
1906 - William Empson was born (d. 1984). British poet and critic.
1907 - Maurice Blanchot was born (d. 2003). French philosopher and writer.
1907 - Bhagat Singh was born (d. 1931). Indian freedom fighter.
1907 - Fundação do Club Atlético San Martín - Argentina
1912 - Alberto Sanches de Castro torna-se o 1º português a voar em território nacional (Portugal)
1913 - Albert Ellis was born. American psychologist.
1915 - Morreu Ramalho Ortigão. Escritor português autor de O Mistério da Estrada de Sintra, elaborado em parceria com Eça de Queirós.
1917 - Edgar Degas dies (b. 19 Jul 1834). French painter and sculptor (some paints: The Suffering of the City of New Orleans; Song of the Dog; Woman bathing)
1918 - Martin Ryle was born (d. 1984). English radio astronomer, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics.
1919 - James H. Wilkinson was born (d. 1986). American mathematician.
1920 - William Conrad was born (d. 1994). American actor.
1920 - Jayne Meadows was born. American actress
1921 - Engelbert Humperdinck dies (b. 1854). German composer.
1922 - Arthur Penn was born in Philadelphia. American director (Miracle Worker, Bonnie and Clyde )
1924 - Fred Singer was born. American environmental scientist
1927 - Romano Scarpa was born. Italian comic book artist
1928 - The Republic of China is recognized by the United States.
1932 - Oliver E. Williamson was born. American economist
1932 - Michael Colvin was born. Canadian tenor
1933 - Ring Lardner dies (b. 1885). American writer.
1933 - Morre Fortunato de Almeida. Historiador português.
1934 - Wilford Brimley was born. American actor
1934 - Claude Jarman Jr. was born. American actor
1934 - Dick Schaap was born (d. 2001). American sports reporter.
1936 - Gordon Honeycombe was born. British author, playwright, and actor
1936 - Don Cornelius was born. American television host
1938 - Ocean liner Queen Elizabeth launched in Glasgow.
1939 - Warsaw, Poland, surrendered after weeks of resistance to invading forces from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II.
1939 - Kathy Whitworth was born in Monahans, Texas. Professional golf's all-time leading tournament winner 1942 - Dith Pran was born. Cambodian-born photojournalist
1940 - The Tripartite Pact is signed in Berlin by Germany, Japan and Italy.
1940 - Walter Benjamin dies (b. 1892). German philosopher.
1941 - The SS Patrick Henry is launched becoming the first of more that 2,700 Liberty ships.
1941 - Independência da Síria.
1942 - Glenn Miller and his Orchestra perform for the last time before Miller enters the US Army.
1942 - Alvin Stardust was born. American singer.
1944 - Aristide Maillol dies. French sculptor and painter.
1945 - Jack Goldstein was born (d. 2003). Canadian-born artist.
1947 - Randy Bachman was born. Canadian musician
1947 - Barbara Dickson was born. Scottish singer.
1947 - Liz Torres was born. Actress.
1948 - A. Martinez was born. American actor
1949 - Mike Schmidt was born. Baseball player
1949 - The first Plenary Session of the National People's Congress approves the design of the Flag of the People's Republic of China.
1951 - Meat Loaf was born. American singer and actor
1952 - Dumitru Prunariu was born. Cosmonaut .
1952 Morte de Francisco de Morais Alves (Francisco Alves - O Rei da Voz). Cantor brasileiro
1953 - Mata Amritanandamayi was born. Indian religious leader
1953 - Diane Julie Abbott was born. British politician
1954 - The nationwide debut of Tonight! (The Tonight Show) hosted by Steve Allen on NBC.
1956 - Gerald Finzi dies (b. 1901). English composer.
1956 - Babe Didrikson Zaharias dies (b. 1911). American athlete and golfer.
1958 - Shaun Cassidy was born. American singer and actor
1959 - Nearly 5000 people die on the main Japanese island of Honshu as the result of a typhoon.
1960 - Sylvia Pankhurst dies (b. 1882). English suffragette and social activist.
1961 - Serra Leoa é admitida como Estado-Membro da ONU
1961 - Andy Lau was born. Hong Kong actor and singer
1962 - Francisco Brochado da Rocha, dies at 52. PM of Brazil.
1964 - The Warren Commission releases its report, concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, assassinated President John F. Kennedy.
1965 - Peter MacKay was born. Canadian political leader.
1965 - Maria Schrader was born. German actress.
1965 - Steve Kerr was born. Lebanese-born basketball player
1965 - Clara Bow, actriz norte-americana.
1967 - Prince Felix Yussupov dies (b. 1887). Russian assassin of Rasputin.
1972 - S. R. Ranganathan dies (b. 1892). Indian mathematician and librarian.
1972 - Gwyneth Paltrow was born in Los Angeles, California. Actress (Pallbearer, Emma, Hard Eight ).
1972 - Clara Hughes was born. Canadian cyclist.
1973 - Idalécio was born in Alcochete. Portuguese football player (Rio Ave).
1974 - Lina Gaviria was born. Miss Universe-Colombia 1996
1974 - Na Etiópia, os militares depõem o imperador Haile Selassie
1975 - Em Portugal, Pinheiro de Azevedo empossa o 6º. Governo Provisório.
1975 - Jack Lang dies (b. 1876). Australian politician.
1975 - The government unveiled its redesigned $100 bill, featuring a larger, off-center portrait of Benjamin Franklin.
1976 - Francesco Totti was born. Italian footballer
1977 - Andrus Värnik was born. Estonian athlete, javelin thrower
1978 - Brad Arnold was born. American singer and songwriter (3 Doors Down)
1979 - The United States Department of Education receives final approval from the U.S. Congress to become the 13th US Cabinet agency.
1980 - Marvin Hagler defeats Alan Minter to claim boxing's world Middleweight championship in London. They have to be escorted away by police after a riot forms.
1981 - Lakshmipathy Balaji was born. Indian cricketer
1982 - Lil Wayne was born. American rapper and producer (Cash Money Records)
1983 - Richard Stallman announces the GNU project to develop a free Unix-like operating system.
1983 - O governo português aprova legislação sobre incêndios florestais, para penalizar a origem criminosa (sem grande sucesso a crer pelos indícios de incendios de origem criminosa)
1984 - Avril Lavigne was born. Canadian singer and songwriter
1986 - Cliff Burton, bassist for Metallica, dies after being crushed by the band's tour bus during their European tour.
1986 - Cliff Burton dies (b. 1962). American musician (Metallica).
1987 - Brasil: Posse solene de D. Lucas Moreira Neves como arcebispo de Salvador
1988 - The National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi is founded.
1989 - Sony purchases Columbia Pictures for $3.4 billion cash
1991 - Publicação do último número do jornal Diário Popular, fundado a 22 de Setembro de 1942.
1992 - Military transport plane crashes in Lagos, Nigeria killing 163.
1992 - Nigel Mansell (Equipe Williams) vence o Grande Prémio do Estoril (Portugal).
1993 - Constituição da Cabovisão (Portugal)
1993 - Jimmy Doolittle dies (b. 1896). U.S. general and World War II hero.
1994 - Carlos Lleras Restrepo dies. President of Colombia (1966-1970)
1995 - The Government of the United States unveils the first of its redesigned bills with the $100 bill featuring a larger portrait of Benjamin Franklin slightly off-center.
1995 - At the O.J. Simpson trial, the prosecution and defense presented dueling summations.
1996 - In Afghanistan, the Taliban capture the capital city Kabul after driving out President Burhanuddin Rabbani and executing former leader Mohammad Najibullah.
1997 - Communications are lost with the Mars Pathfinder for unknown reasons.
1998 - Helmut Kohl é derrotado nas urnas por Gerhard Schroeder.
1998 - Doak Walker dies (b. 1927). American footballer.
1998 - Narita Bryan dies (b. 1991). Japanese racehorse.
2000 - Venus Williams became only the second player to win Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Olympics in the same year with her 6-2, 6-4 victory over Elena Dementieva. (The first was Steffi Graf, in 1988.)
2001 - Boyband 5ive announced their disbandment.
2002 - Timor-Leste (East Timor) joins the United Nations (191st Member)
2003 - Smart 1 is launched.
2003 - Donald O'Connor dies (b. 1925). American actor, dancer, and singer.
2004 - Virgin Group announces a joint venture with Mojave Aerospace Ventures to build VSS Enterprise for commercial space flights and a new company called Virgin Galactic.
Bahá'í Faith - Feast of Mashíyyat (Will) - First day of the eleventh month of the Bahá'í Calendar
French Community Day, Belgium
Meskel in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Dia da Música Popular Brasileira
Dia Mundial do Turismo
Festividades de Cosme e Damião